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Matthew Tuck – Pain Is Real (ft. Dibyo)

The Official Music Video of my new single “Pain Is Real” (ft. Dibyo).¬†We planned and shot this entire video in Rochester, NY during a winter weather advisory blizzard…with no budget, no film crew and no extras.

Vocals by: Matthew Tuck, Laurien Van Buuren Music, Dibyo

Music Production by: Ph4ntom

Filmed & Edited by: lvcld, SWEET REEL

Matthew Tuck – Goodbye (ft. Izabel)

The Official Visualizer for my new single “Godbye” (ft. Izabel). “Goodbye” is without a doubt my favorite song from my new project “Transition” and I highly encourage you take the time to check it out.

Vocals by: Matthew Tuck, Izabel

Music Production by: Ph4ntom

Visual by: New Tomorrow